Pharma Logistics Provider

Pharma Logistics Provider

Shine cargo is a leading service provider for pharmaceutical logistics services ,pharmaceuticals logistics, total logistic Solution Provider, pharma logistics solutions in india. We design and develop innovative solutions for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and life science products. Unique packaging method such as Thermo Pack are used for storing chilled samples that requires a sustained temperature of between 2° – 8° C for period of upto 96 hours. There are also cold solutions for products that requires temperature above 0°C even at the ambient temperature of -40 °C for at least 20 hours.
Pallet, full box and piece picking or a combination; packing of the products is done following specific health care procedures. The specialized transporters are temperature monitored and controlled. There are separate compartment for storage of different types of consignments. All the activities such as labelling, filling, display, etc. is done following the strict guidelines of the regulatory bodies.

shine cargo partners with the clients from protocol design to study completion to provide best logistic solutions. we combine the cost-effectiveness of a worldwide network, providing with the personal touch of a specialized life science logistical company.Send Enquiry

Pharmaceuticals logistics

Shine Cargo is a recognized leader in handling cold chain products globally for pharmaceuticals logistics. The dedicated staff are trained and experienced in the transport of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and life science products. They partner with the clients to develop from protocol design to the study completion for effective logistic handling.
Packaging of the products is done following specific health care procedures; labelling with carrier specific barcode labels and consolidation of orders per carrier are all part of the standard process. Our innovative packaging techniques include Thermo packaging. It is ideal solution for the transport of chilled samples, specially those requiring a sustained temperature of between 2° – 8° c, by packing products with specially designed and highly effective cooling elements, they are maintained at a stable chilled temperature for up to 96 hrs.
Other packaging solution available for the pharma products include cold solution. This packaging method is designed to keep products above 0°c for at least 20 hours when subjected to an ambient temperature of -40°c.
Various activities such as labelling, kitting, filling display are done following strict GDP and GMP regulations. The employees are especially trained to perform these specific tasks under supervision of our pharmacists. All the consignment are transported in a temperature control environment and are delivered with utmost care at the client's destination.Send Enquiry

Communication/Tracking System

To offer value added service to you and your customers, we have equipped our offices with high quality Communication/Tracking system, which enables do our work in more fast and convenient manner.Send Enquiry

Communication/Tracking system available with us are :

»   IFA Logitrack
»   Traxon
»   Traxon-mail
»   Email
»   Tel/Fax

Preparation of Shipment 2°–8°c